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    [Originally Posted Sunday, November 14, 2004 @ 06:42 AM]

    All Modern products from RPGO… great!
    Legends of Excalibur from RPGO… great nobility system, great point based magic system, great flavor.

    All Modern products from The Game Mechanics… no flavor, but great anyway!

    Ronin Arts modern/future products… crap, but crap for a $1–think of the 13 most obvious ideas and you’ll have the same thing.

    LPJ Products… expensive crap or cheap crap, but even the cheap crap isn’t worth it.

    Big Bang series… plain and not real convenient, but if want more guns and play other open systems *shrug* it’s your dough–don’t waste time talking to the author.

    WotC d20 Modern… great system, pretty much gotta have this book even though you can fudge along with the MSRD.

    WotC Weapons Locker… All guns and that’s it. Hard to use, but all you need, the Ultra Modern Firearms guide is better.

    Ultra Modern Firearms… All guns with easier to use tables–written from the same source material as the Weapons Locker (even has some of the same typos).

    WotC Menace Manual… Nice, but the MSRD has it all. Plus you can easily insert D&D Monsters in instead.

    WotC d20 Future… Huge and nice yet still strangely lacking in many areas. But it will get you started.

    Dog House Rules, Sidewinder: Recoiled… Excellent creation of the old west with d20 Modern rules.

    More to come…

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