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    C Baize

    The Laegnir Chronicle.

    My name is Laegnir, and I have been pulled into another plane by the Great Powers. I shall attempt to chronicle my journey through this strange plane.

    I suppose I should begin with my introduction into this plane.
    I was sat in the Grand Library housed within the Arcane University of Markiston, researching planar travel when I happened upon a likeness of a temple’s interior. The pages were dusty, and so I carefully brushed away the dust. As my hand made contact with the image, there was a flash of light, and then I was in darkness but for a female figure I could see sat at a table across from me. She told me I had been called. Her form then faded into stars and a pair of eyes. While I later learned she was the Great Goddess Mystra, I had not until then paid much heed to the Great Powers.
    My next memory was awakening upon a wooden pallet, as though I slept. The pallet was within the very temple, the image of which was in the book I had been studying in the Grand Library. Looking about the interior of the temple, there were three other pallets showing figures, a figure knelt at the altar, and myself. Upon one of the pallets was a Human who had already awoken. She spoke to me in the language of my forebears, and I answered that I was friendly. The other two palleted figures stirred, and I noted one other was an Elf, and the other was a Human. The Elves were male, the Humans were female. I dared not surmise from whence they were called.
    A male I hadn’t noticed in my initial surveying of the room spoke at this time, and said, “Lady, they rise.” I believe. Or perhaps he used the word “awaken”. There was much happening, and his accent was strange to me, along with my general disorientation in my suddenly altered surroundings. The lady at the altar introduced herself as Arianna, if my spelling is correct, and the male who spoke was named Riv.
    In speaking with the others, I ascertained they were named Aella (the Human who first greeted me upon my awakening), Edith (a Human warrior, by the looks of her), and Smaragdson was the other Elf. The lady of the altar, and Riv are, as yet, undetermined racially. They seemed to have the initial appearance and rough sound of Humans, but their lives seem to have been preteraturally extended, if they are to be believed.
    Throughout our conversation within the temple, it was determined that we had each been called by a different one of the Great Powers in order to assist one another in a task. That task seems to be that we shall ascertain for the locals, the source of a new sort of creature attacking the local population. The only thing we know is a survivor spoke of “Dog men”. My initial conjecture is that they have been beset by a tribe of Gnolls. I shall write ahead a bit, and tell you, dear researcher, that the locals have never heard of Gnolls, nor hyenas, and my attempts to describe them have met with blank stares, and questioning what creatures I could be describing.
    After being reunited with our familiars and companions, and also retrieving our personal items from chests set aside for us, we set out to embark upon our task. Being unfamiliar with the geography of the land (and, I must add, geography was never high on my research priority, and nor was survival in the wilderness… I’m a city dweller, through and through), I can only say that somewhere between the temple and the nearest village (named Delbarton, I believe), we were beset by a small pack of Goblins. Here is where the planar difference begins to set itself in stone. These Goblins were of an azure pigmentation. By investigating the corpses, I determined their actual skin was blue. It was not war paint, and nor was it a tattoo. Goblins upon this plane are blue. I suspect I shall have much more to report, as our task continues.
    Oh… one other thing to report as a difference in this plane. It would appear that magic has an element of wildness to it. A bit of unpredictability. I summoned a creature to aid me in our combat against the Goblins, and was rewarded with a somewhat more powerful creature than I’ve been able to summon in field tests at the University. I look forward to further reports on this phenomenon.
    Other than a bit of mud in our path, for which we had to partially unload the wagon and push through, aiding the steeds, we arrived without further incident.
    We spoke to a few locals, and have ended up in a tavern, where reside a brother and sister: children who survived the sack of their farmstead, though not without paying a mental and emotional price. I doubt we’ll be allowed to speak with the children.
    Thus ends the first entry of my journal. I hope I shall have the opportunity to present this to my instructors at the University.

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