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    C Baize

    The independent city-state of Markiston is an old city with a rich history.
    Boasting guild representation for everyone; a free and open voting system where anyone could potentially rise to be on the town’s ruling council; one of the very top arcane universities the world has to offer; streets that are brightly lit at night; a true multi-cultural region where residents are judged solely for their actions and not their species; a bustling trade center by sea and by land, and even by the occasional airship; and opportunities for everyone to prosper in one way or another, Markiston seems ideal.
    Looks can be deceiving.

    Rumors abound of another attempt by the neighboring kingdom to annex the city. Despite the multiple defeats in the past at the hands of Markiston’s well-provisioned militia, and numerous mages in service to the city, the wealth and prosperity of Markiston’s citizenry and coffers is a very tempting fruit hanging heavy on the tree.
    The thieves guild is the only guild not represented in the city. Kept at bay by both magical and mundane means. Another rumor says they’re attempting to infiltrate the city and get their cut of the wealth in other ways, now.
    Adventuring groups grow fat and restless in the splendor and abundance Markiston offers.
    Sailors coming into port often speak of attacks by raiding parties of intelligent aquatic species closer and closer to Markiston.
    Seers have taken to the streets, yelling foreboding prophecies and portents.
    There are even rumors that a dragon has been heard mentioning the abundant gold, and fat citizens in Markiston.
    Even in Markiston’s well protected streets, the citizens begin to know fear for the first time in a generation, as rumors and portents gnaw at their feeling of security.
    The Ruling Council and the Guild Leaders work hard to maintain normalcy by continuing on with business as usual, and dismissing rumors and prophecy as the conspiratorial whispers of malcontents, doomsayers, and possibly even spies and enemies of the state undercutting the faith of the citizens. The Guilds go about their businesses. The Guild of Enterprising Excursionists (adventurer’s guild) continues to send parties to faraway lands, for the entertainment of the citizenry. The Guild of Domestic Entertainment Combatants (gladiatorial guild) continues to provide daily fights for gambling and entertainment. The city workers continue to clean and maintain the city. The mages continue to offer services and goods, and continue to research… though their research has lately turned more to defense against armies and dragons, as a precautionary measure. All in all, life continues, in spite of rumors and discontented rumblings.
    Has the city run its lifetime?
    Is more than 2,000 years of history coming to a close for this independent metropolis?

    C Baize

    Characters will start at 1st level.
    If your character has a level adjustment, due to species or acceptable template, then we’ll work out some temporary other adjustments to bring them down to an effective character level of 1.

    Post here or on the Intrepid Heroes Forum facebook page to work out character details.

    C Baize

    Quick and dirty mock-up of the area around Markiston.
    Not perfect, but basically…. pretty close.

    Markiston area

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