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    Keep it civil. If you’re not an adult, at least pretend to be. If you can’t be civil – be a spectacle and take it to The Cage.

    Do not type in l33t, text message speak or any derivative thereof. It just looks stupid.

    Do not use numbers, or single letters in the place of real words. Eg: “I am going to” should not be typed as “I m going 2” or “I am going to be good” should not be typed as “I m going 2 b good.”

    Capital letters go at the start of every sentence and every time you type “I” by itself, and in conjunctions thereof. (I, I’m, I’ve etc.) Capital letters are also used at the start of proper nouns, names, places and things. (Engel, England, Space Marines)

    Do not type in one solid block of text. It is difficult to read. Use the return/enter key to insert paragraphs, it makes posts more attractive, look longer, and people may actually read them without suffering a seizure. Headers and subject lines are a good idea also.

    Spell things out. Do not post shortcuts other than commonly accepted truncations. (Like Etc for ‘Etcetera’) For instance: The word “People” is spelled P-E-O-P-L-E. NOT “ppl.”

    Don’t quote really long posts and just add a smiley or a single word reply. That is spam. Only ever quote the relevant part of a post, and reply to it.

    Use inventive and accurate thread titles. They should still however, indicate the main content of the thread. Make sure you apply the same rules to them as to your posts, correct spelling etc.

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