August 5, 2002
Staff Writer James Calhoun

Premier of Nova Scotia Becomes Prime Minister of Canada

Nova Scotia [AP]  The story of the new Prime Minister of Canada, Jacques d’Gorthar, is a story of sadness, determination, and iron will.
Orphaned at a very young age, d’Gorthar was found as a toddler, in the arms of a woman who had died in an accident. The identity of the woman was never confirmed, and thus the toddler was sent to an orphanage where he was given the name, “Jacque”. He was later adopted by middle class Rene d’Gorthar and his wife, Jacquelyn, who raised the boy as their own son, until they were killed in an auto wreck while heading home from a department store, where they had bought gifts for the boy’s 18th birthday. Twice orphaned at 18, he took over his modest inheritance, went into business, and became quite wealthy.
Being something of a political ideologue, d’Gorthar went into local politics at 32 years old, and ended up as the Premier of Nova Scotia by the time he was 38. This young go-getter was not satisfied, however, with provincial government, and tirelessly lobbied and campaigned his party, and is now the Prime Minister of Canada. From humble beginnings are great men made.