Mitch Kramer

Mitch Kramer image created with Jeff Hebert’s HeroMachine

     Growing up in a small Colorado town never seemed to suit Mitch’s personality, but life always ran a whole lot smoother when his feet were on familiar ground.  Focusing on his own desires, he became even more infamous in his home town when he managed to get his hands on the new Yamaha.
Tearing over dirt roads and through the forests and fields of his neighbors’ property didn’t bother Mitch… but it earned him a reputation for making trouble and the further attention of his ex-girlfriend’s older brother – who just happened to become a one of the Sheriff’s deputies on his return from the military.
With little patience for the rules imposed on him by others, Mitch continued to perfect his riding skills.  When he split with his long-time girlfriend, Claudia, he lost what small amount of focus he had in life and decided that the only reason for living was to enjoy life.
The only thing he took seriously was the care of his bike… until the River Epidemic began to creep closer to the normally quiet town he called home.