President Bush put down his paper, and took a drink of coffee.
“Why didn’t somebody tell me that Canadian was so un-American? That other guy… Cretin… or whatever… He was bad enough with his limp wristed policies… now I got this jerk talkin’ anti-American crap… Hell… guess I needa go talk ta John.”
Bush sighed and went to meet with his advisor.


Sitting behind the big desk, he looked up as a man entered his office.
“Ah… General Sharkey. Do be seated.”
“You wanted to see me, Mr. Prime Minister?” the general asked.
“Yes,” d’Gorthar answered, “How is the progress on project Coldwalk?”
“Err.. I did send a report, Mr. Prime Minister.” the general said. And when the prime minister glared, “It is all going according to schedule. The team is working on the modifications you indicated, and they seem to be having moderate success in the preliminary trials.”
d’Gorthar cocked an eyebrow, “I expect better than ‘moderate success’, general. Are we clear?”
“Yes sir,” the general answered, “we are clear.”