“Son of a…” President Bush slammed his morning paper onto the large table, “What the hell is goin’ on? Why’s this sombitch talkin’ this crap? Somebody better be gettin’ me some damn information!”
Mr. Hoskins fidgeted nervously, “Mr. President… ehhh… the Canadians are growing increasingly more tight-lipped toward us, and are really not telling us much of anything.”
“Well,” president Bush started, glaring at his aide, “you’d best find somethin’ that’ll get ‘em ta talk, and do it damned quick. I wanna know jus’ what the hell is goin’ on, up there, an’ I wanna know yesterday, do I make myself clear?”
“Very clear, sir.” Hoskins answered.
The presidential aide watched as Bush walked away toward the Oval Office.


“Mr. Prime Minister… Jacques!” general Sharkey yelled after the prime minister, “Sir… I’d like to speak to you, privately, sir.”
“Very well, General… My office. Now.” d’Gorthar and General Sharkey walked in silence to the office.
Sharkey opened the door, then closed and locked it, as the prime minister sat at his desk.
“Sir,” the general began, “success! Your modifications were a success, and when combined with the chemical and bio agents, have produced… unprecedented results, sir.” The general was nearly beside himself with excitement, “Sir… I’ve never seen results like this… never dreamed it was truly possible, and nearly complete neural breakdown in the subjects.”
“That is good news, general,” the prime minister allowed a glimmer of a smile to cross his face, “good news, indeed, general. How soon before we can put Project Coldwalk into effect?”
“Well, sir… while we … could put it into effect, tomorrow,” Sharkey stammered, “I don’t believe we are truly prepared.”
“No, general,” d’Gorthar answered, “not quite yet. There are a few more minor details to complete. You’re dismissed.”
General Sharkey left to view the results of the project, leaving the prime minister to his politics.
Prime Minister d’Gorthar pushed the intercom button, “Sheila, get me in contact with President Hu Jintao, and President Putin, and start the process of getting me in contact with Mr. Castro.”
d’Gorthar released the intercom button, and smiled.
“MMmmm…. This is turning out to be a very good day.” He turned and stared out his window. “Details…. details…”