GSGT Jackson spoke into his comm device, “Any idea what our target is?”
“None,” SSGT McEvoy answered, “we’ll be briefed when we get there, sir.”
“You ever seen any damn stripes on my arm? I work for a living, sergeant.” Jackson told him. He could see SSGT McEvoy laughing in the forward Hummer, and suppressed the urge to give him the finger.
Upon reaching the rendezvous point, CPL Wolfham saluted the Sergeants and held it until they returned the salute.
GSGT Jackson addressed him, “Corporal, my orders tell me that you’re to brief me on the particulars of the mission.”

45 Minutes Later

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me, corporal, there’s no way.” GSGT Jackson looked incredulous. “You need to get a CAT scan… quick. Maybe some shore leave… Man, I know this hooker in Oahu… she’ll get your head on straight, man.”
CPL Wolfham stood at attention, “Gunny, I know how this sounds… believe me… If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I know I wouldn’t believe a word of it, Sergeant, but this is no bull story. Captain Holmes can confirm parts of it that he witnessed. Gunny, these …. things… …. I never saw anything like them, sergeant. Apparently, command wants one with minimal collateral damage to the corpse, or they’d call in a full strike, is my guess.”
GSGT Jackson and SSGT McEvoy exchanged glances.
Jackson sighed. “Alright, well, if these are our orders, then that’s what we’re doing. Let’s go, Mac.”