Old West, Wild West, Weird West

Rats in a MazeDeadlands d20 adventure downloaded from Pinnacle’s website.

Bound for TombstoneDeadlands d20 – The heroes find themselves on a train bound for Tombstone.  When it is attacked, they move into action – quickly dispatching the bad guys.  The train, unfortunately, is derailed; so the heroes take off on horseback… except for one particular gunslinger, who takes the initiative to steal the attackers’ steam wagon…

A little history… Before we discovered Deadlands, C. Baize and I were searching, rather feverishly, for an old west setting for gaming.  When we finally found the game and a group, we were chained by one member’s refusal to play anything that was not d20.  So, all our lofty plans of a Deadlands game went out the window.  When the d20 version was released, we went for it; making the conversion from 3rd Edition D&D into another gaming system a bit smoother for those unused to switching systems.  Unfortunately, neither DLd20 game that we have begun has gotten very far yet, so the summaries… well… suck.  Watch this page for Sidewinder:Recoiled additions too!