There comes a time in every scheduled gaming session where the pre-game chatter ends and the actual gaming begins.

For every group, the ritual is different.

Our ritual comes from original members of the group having a hard time getting out of that pre-game state of mind one night.  One man – C. Baize to be precise, but who am I to point fingers – decided to make his gaming desires known and drowned out the rest of the group with his now (should be) patented “So, when last we left our intrepid heroes…”

When we finally stopped laughing, we were ready to play.

That phrase has become a buzzword for our group – spoken by the GM when gameplay is ready to begin… sometimes by other players if the GM is wrapped up in other things.

C. Baize said, “You going to help me make a gaming site?”  What else could I say?  We toyed with Intrepid Heroes.com – just because it made sense for our group… ran it by the rest of the team and here we are.

Explore… Enjoy…