A collection of tools, tricks, tips and ideas used by the Intrepid Heroes team.  New skills, feats, items, classes, tables, NPCs and things to make the GM’s life easier.

C. Baize’s not-so-simple targeting system.  Simply add a percentile roll
to damage to randomize hit location.  Beware the high rolls…
The Targeting System
You Know You’ve Been Gaming Too Long – Item #1
Watching Cats on DVD should never turn into a gaming discussion.
The problem is – it did.  So we started talking about how they could be Moreaus… then I started thinking…
The Jellicles
Modern Media Heroes & Villains T-Bird
The Sunset View Shopping Mall – created by Shewolf, Edited by C. Baize Sunset View
Map collection USA
Additional Blood & Vigilance Powers New Powers
Wealth Management in d20 Modern by C. Baize Wealth Fix
Racial modifiers for Disney’s Gargoyles in d20 Modern Gargoyles
Custom Modern Miniatures – on the cheap… everyone’s seen the paper standups, but here’s our own sturdier version… Minis

The Fine Print: The Intrepid Heroes team makes no claim to the copyrights, trademarks, and property of others.  Cats, T-Bird, Blood & Vigilance and Gargoyles all belong to their creators/owners/right-holders and are used here simply because members of the team chose to create their own versions of them for personal use and amusement.